Waste not Want not: Cleaning out the Fridge

We had accumulated an assortment of leftovers over the course of the past few days - so today I finished them off. For lunch I had the second half of my Asian pulled pork sandwich and for dinner we had a combination of leftover wings from one night and pasta from the other.

Now last night I intended to try to replicate the avocado shake I have had at a Vietnamese restaurant only in a lightened up version. Sadly I discovered at the last minute that I had waited too long and my avocado had turned funky. Not to be deterred, I picked up a fresh one at the market today and went forward with my experiment tonight. To lighten it up, first I bought a lower fat "slimcado" which has 35% fewer calories and 50% less fat than a regular one. In lieu of the sweetened condensed milk usually found in these shakes, I used the sugar free alternative I found on the CD Kitchen website. Finally I used Splenda instead of regular sugar. I was pretty pleased with the result and it was certainly much lower in calories than the traditional version.


Vietnamese style Avocado shake - lightened up (3.5 pts)

Slimmed Down Vietnamese Avocado Shake

1/2 Slimcado Avocado
1/4 cup condensed milk substitute (see link above)
1 cup ice
1-2 Tbsp Splenda to taste

Put it all in a blender and mix until it reaches milkshake consistency. Enjoy!


Salad, light feta, crunchy onions, light Italian dressing (3 Pts)
Baked chicken wings (3 Pts)
Pasta Aglio Olio (4.5)


Weight Watcher peanut butter cookie (1 Pt)

Leftover from Pom Poms Tea House & Sandwicheria, Orlando FL

1/2 Fu Man Chu: pork, goat cheese, cranberry chutney on pumpernickel (6 Pts)
Asian slaw (0 Pts)
Kettle Baked BBQ chips (1.5 pts)
Pickle (0)
Iced Diet Green Tea (0)


Barbara's Bakery Shredded Spoonfuls, skim milk, blueberries (3 Pts)
Coffee with skim milk (1 Pt)


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