To Eat or Garlic Knot to Eat ... that is the Question

I saw an ad for a relatively new pizza place across town that advertised that they used a wood burning oven. Since this type of pizza is hard to come by I really wanted to give it a try. Tonight I succumbed and we went there for a pie. I was hungry and pizza is a weakness. That combination can spell disaster for me. As it turned out their pizza had a very thin crust and was not very oily so it could have been worse calorically but this also meant that it really wasn't very flavorful. I was sad because I really wanted it to be special. Instead it was just average. I would take the Grandma's pizza at Carmela's ten times over this one any day. Yet did I still manage to eat too much of it? Yes I did! Tomorrow is another day.

Adolfo's Tuscano Bistro, Winter Springs FL

Pizza (15 Pts)
Garlic knots (6 Pts)
Bud Lite (2 Pts)


Gyro meat & feta crumbles on Arnold Select bread (6.5)
Pickle (0)
Fresca (0)

Fiber One Raisin Bran clusters (4 Pts)
Coffee with skim milk (1 Pt)
mid morning snack (not pictured) Weight Watchers Ginger snaps (2 Pts)


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