Saturday in the Park (Winter Park that is)

We started this morning off at the Winter Park Farmers Market. My thoughts of wandering about and finding inspiration from the produce were dissuaded once we arrived. Frankly it was a bit of a zoo and about 2,000 degrees so we did an about face and instead of lingering over the lettuce we blew through pretty fast. As we raced around, I managed to grab some really good looking tomatoes, some corn, red peppers, a watermelon and some locally made Swiss cheese from the Winter Park Dairy. Sweaty and a bit tousled by the crowd we left the market in favor of cooler environs to go eat breakfast.

Tonight was ladies night out. I was meeting some friends for dinner then we were all going to see the play "Sordid Lives" that another friend of ours is in. The food was good but of course it was made all the better by the company of friends! If you live in the Orlando area, you still have a week to go see the show as it has been held over for one more week. Go to the Theater Downtown website for details. It is a really fun show (and I would say that even if our friend Katrina wasn't in it!)

White Wolf Cafe, Orlando FL

Smoked salmon appetizer - shared by the group (2 pts)
Caesar Salad - dressing on the side (2 Pts)
Eggplant rolatini with steamed veggies - I ate 1/2 of what is pictured (8 Pts)
Cosmopolitan - it was ladies night, come on I had to have a Cosmo! (4 Pts)
Michelob Ultra - at the show (2 Pts)

Midafternoon snack
not pictured

2 slices Boars Head Maple Glazed ham (.5 pt)
Weight Watcher string cheese stick (1 Pt)

Bakely's, Winter Park FL

Egg white omelet with feta, gyro meat, tomato & onion (3.5 Pts)
Fresh Fruit (1 Pt)
1/2 slice dry rye toast (.5 Pt)
Coffee with 1% milk (1 Pt)


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