Friday's Foibles

One thing I have noticed since beginning this Blog is that even when I feel like I have been less than stellar regarding my food choices, looking back over it all at the end of the day gives me some perspective. I find that more often than not I have made more positive choices than negative and I see that as progress.

I won't deny that I struggled today. I was resentful of the process. I was tired of being mindful. Yet when it came down to it, despite those feelings, I held my ground. Maybe I stuck a toe in but I certainly did not jump off the deep end. I had a nice breakfast, a reasonable amount of pizza for lunch and found a pretty good balance at the BBQ joint. I ordered collards instead of coleslaw. I skipped the Texas toast. I fork dipped the BBQ sauce rather than pouring it on. And I only ate half of my portion of pulled pork. Considering my frame of mind and the possibilities - I think that was a win.

At the movies I resisted the temptation of a Free Large Popcorn and opted instead for a 100 calorie bag of Jolly Time that I snuck in. Did I mention it would have been FREE? So I managed to survive my Friday foibles with minimal damage. Yes, I think that is progress indeed.

Shane's Rib shack, Altamonte Springs FL

BBQ Pulled Pork - I ate half of the pictured amount (6.5 Pts)
Brunswick Stew (2 Pts)
Collard Greens (0 Pts)

not pictured: at the movies I snuck in Jolly Time Healthy Popcorn (1 Pt)


1 1/2 slices of leftover pizza (9.5 Pts)


Go Lean Crunch with Activia Light Raspberry yogurt (4 Pts)
Cantaloupe (1 Pt)
Coffee with skim milk (1 Pt)


Marty Roth said…
You're a winner in my book!

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