Tonight my Freezer was my Inspiration

Lately, I am really trying to "shop" my freezer when it comes time to cook. So often I buy things that end up getting shoved to the back and eventually tossed without me using them. Such was the case with 1/2 a package of frozen pie crust that I needed to use soon or lose. I decided to use it tonight on a lightened up quiche. Usually they call for whole milk and cream. I used skim milk in this one and it worked out just fine.

For the filling I sauteed chopped green & sweet white onions, garlic, broccoli and spinach in a pan until tender. I added some fresh ground nutmeg, salt & pepper to taste. Then I let the mixture cool. I also baked the crust off and put it aside to cool. While they were cooling, in a separate bowl I beat 4 eggs, plus one egg yolk together with a cup of skim milk.

To assemble I added the cooled vegetables to the pie crust and spread them around evenly. I poured the egg & milk mixture into the crust. Then I dropped pieces of goat cheese throughout the mixture. I topped it off with a very light grating of cheddar cheese and baked it in a 400 degree oven until the custard had cooked and had turned golden brown (about 35 minutes).


Spinach, Broccoli $ Goat Cheese Quiche (10.5 Pts)
Potatoes & Onions (5.5 Pts)


Ham sandwich on Arnold Select with the laughing cow cheese (3 Pts)
Kettle Baked chips (1 Pt)
Pickle (0)


My Everything Bagel, Smart Balance Light, SF marmalade (3.5 Pts)
Coffee with skim milk (1 Pt)
Not pictured - banana (1.5 Pts)


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