Friday June 5, 2009 Put some Mussel into it!

At the Movie

Snuck in a bag of Jolly Time Healthy Pop Butter Popcorn (1 Pt)
Diet Coke (0 Pts)

Olive Garden, Altamonte Springs FL

I suppose it was bound to happen sooner or later. Tonight we went to the movies to see "UP". Which was great, by the way! Beforehand we went to The Olive Garden for dinner because I have been craving their mussels appetizer. I diligently brought my camera along and took a picture of my salad. Then they brought out my entree. I had ordered the appetizer Mussels di Napoli which are mussels that have been simmered with white wine, garlic, butter and onions. On the side I got a small order of whole wheat pasta. It was just what I was wanting and I ate every drop. Then I realized I forgot to take a photo of them! I was too quick to eat everything down. So, picture if you will a lovely bowl of mussels in a broth of wine, garlic, onions and a little butter, with some nice whole wheat linguini and you will be "seeing" what I ate. Sorry. But it was really good.

Salad with light Italian Dressing (1 Pt)
Dry Bread stick (2 Pts)
Mussels di Napoli (4 Pts)
1 cp cooked whole wheat pasta (3 Pts)
Unsweet tea (0 pts)


WW Key Lime Pie yogurt with FF Redi-whip (1 Pt)


Fried Egg, Salami & Cheddar on Arnold Select Multigrain (6.5 Pts)
Kettle Baked BBQ chips (1 Pt)
Sliced Tomato (0 Pts)
Diet green Tea (0 Pts)


My Everything bagel, Smart Balance Light, WW Cream Cheese, SF Orange Marmalade (4.5 Pts)
Cup of fresh fruit (1 Pt)
Coffee with 1% milk (1 Pt)


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