An "Eggpiphany" for Breakfast

I watched a piece about Alice Waters on 60 minutes last night and she made Leslie Stahl a really wonderful looking breakfast. For the record my dream kitchen of all dream kitchens will have a wood burning pizza oven and/or a cooking fireplace like hers. Anyway, I digress. Not unlike the breakfast she served to Leslie, I too love to have things like tomato, onion and spinach with my eggs. Often I will take a toasted English muffin, top it with some spinach leaves then a slice of tomato and finally a soft boiled egg. Sometimes I'll add some grated sharp cheddar cheese into the mix. While this arrangement tastes great at times it is a bit cumbersome to eat because the tomato and the egg tend to slide around.

So, I had a kind of epiphany while watching Alice Waters when she made a bruchetta-like topping to accompany her egg and toast. Simply brilliant. By chopping the vegetables up and mixing them together with a little olive oil they became cohesive. I realize you are probably sitting there saying to yourselves - well, DUH! But I tell you for whatever reason it never occured to me to cut them up and mix them together like a salad, until this morning. So thanks to Alice Waters I enjoyed a new variation on an old favorite. Oh and it was really good too!


Weight Watchers Key Lime pie yogurt, FF Redi-Whip, graham cracker crumbs (1.5 Pts)


Tamale with Guacamole & light sour cream (4 Pts)
Tostado with cheese sauce, light sour cream & guacamole (5 Pts)

Red Lobster, Altamonte Springs, FL

Tossed salad with oil & vinegar (1.5 Pts)
Oak grilled Rainbow trout (3 Pts)
Baked potato with sour cream (4 Pts)
Steamed Broccoli (0 Pts)


Soft Boiled egg on English muffin w/ tomato, spinach, onion salad (4 Pts)
Pineapple & strawberries (1 Pt)
Coffee with skim milk (1 Pt)


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