The Best Laid Plans

Some days just take an unexpected turn and all you can do is brace yourself and enjoy the ride. Today started out on an uneventful note. After lunch we went over to The World Market and picked up a few things including some new flavors of Torani Sugar Free syrups (see yesterday's post re: Boba drinks). I think that the raspberry flavor might be fun in the fruit Boba drinks and that the Irish Cream might add an interesting note to a tea version.

Anyway for dinner we decided to try a new Italian restaurant that has recently opened up in a favorite spot of ours near the movie theater where you can sit outside by a lake and enjoy the fresh air and then walk right over to the show. But first we bought our tickets so we so we would not feel rushed at dinner. Then things started to turn.

In this day and age when established restaurants with followings are dropping like flies, how you can open a new place without training your staff to the max is beyond me. That is to say, although pleasant enough, our server was uneducated when it came to the menu. Marty: "Is the pasta stuffed?" Our server "I'm not sure ... I believe so ... yes ... I think" and then a few beats later "No, I don't think it is". Us: "What is the difference between the single serving and family style?" Our server "Family style is larger." She just seemed confused and tentative and Marty noted that several of the other servers had a similarly baffled expression.

And tell me why would you bother to have a signature item on your menu called Bucatini Murano if you don't have any bucatini? Our server told me that most people substitute penne pasta instead. I mean the dish has bucatini in the name! So tonight the role of bucatini was played by parpadella in my dish. But after all that our entree's were slow coming out so I wound up only eating about a third of the pasta before throwing the rest into a to-go box so we wouldn't be late for the movie. The food wasn't bad but it certainly wasn't worth the price.

We hustled across the parking lot to the theater and admittedly still a little hungry, we splurged on a popcorn and a drink. With 10 minutes to spare we dodged the line for The Transformers movie and headed into our theater to enjoy The Hangover. That is until we discovered that there were no seats left. The place was packed like it was the opening weekend not several weeks into the run. Good news for the producers, bad news for us. So back home we came - full bag of popcorn, drink, rain checks and leftovers in hand. Oh well, like I said, the best laid plans ...


Weight Watchers Mint Chocolate chip cone

Cafe Murano, Altamonte Springs, FL

Bread with Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar dip
Caesar Salad
Bucatini Murano (Pasta tossed with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, mushrooms, prosciutto, pancetta, peas, reggiano parmigiano & pecorino cheese)


Grilled (with smart balance light) ham & swiss cheese on rye
Maui potato chips
Diet green Tea


Homemade bagel with light cream cheese & sugar free marmalade
Cup of fresh fruit
Coffee with 1% milk


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