A Day in the Mediterranean

After work today I went to the Olive Garden with a my receptionist Debbie for lunch. That was a treat. But then I got home and found out that I had a present waiting. Our new I-Phones had arrived! So Marty and I spent all afternoon playing with our new toys. Before I knew it, it had blown through the time to make dinner and was well into the time to eat dinner. So we ran up the street for some Greek food. Well, actually we drove - If we had run there I could have eaten more bread!

Mykonos, Longwood FL

Chicken Dumpling Soup
Bread with olive oil
Grilled salmon, mixed veggies & lima beans (I ate half and brought half home)

The Olive Garden, Orlando, FL

Salad with light dressing on the side
One Breadstick
One bowl Pasta Fagiola


Go Lean Waffle
Yoplait Fiber One Strawberry Yogurt
Strawberries & Blueberries
Coffee with 1% Milk


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