A Case for Leftovers

I did grocery shopping today so I wanted to clear out some of the leftovers that were still lurking in the fridge to make room. It made it a nice easy day for me. I like nice easy days!


Weight Watchers Brownie
Breyers Slow Churned Sugar Free Vanilla & a sugar free caramel drizzle
Fat Free Redi whip


Goat Cheese, Broccoli & Spinach Quiche
Side Salad with light vinaigrette & grated Parmesan
Potatoes & Onions
Slice of Rye toast with Smart Balance Light


Weight Watchers Cookies & Cream Mini Bar

Leftovers from The White Wolf Cafe, Orlando FL

Eggplant Rolatini
Steamed Veggies


Barbara's Shredded Spoonfuls, 1% milk & Blueberries
Cup of fresh fruit
Coffee with 1% milk


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