In memory of my Dad, Hal

It's been 19 years since my Dad passed away and yet I still miss him like crazy. He loved the summer time - swimming, grilling, clam bakes, puttering around in the yard, enjoying an ice cold beer on a really hot day. So it seemed fitting that we celebrated Father's Day today with my in laws in a way that my own Dad and Mom would have loved - a simple backyard BBQ. As I stood out by the pool today, grilling up our burgers, I felt really close to my Dad. Many were the times that he stood in a similar fashion, rain or shine, huddled next to a grill cooking our food. Knowing that I am his living legacy in all that I am and all that I do makes me proud - even if at the time I am just making hamburgers.

I loved you Dad ... Happy Father's Day!

No little rain shower would keep my Dad from his grilling duty!


Fresh Fruit (1 Pt)


90% lean Grass Fed Beef Burger, with cheese & onion straws (8.5 Pts)
Baked Beans (2.5 pts)
Cucumber salad with Blue Cheese crumbles (2 Pts)
Potato Salad (5 pts)
Corn on the Cob with Smart Balance 37% Light (2 pts)


Ham & Swiss Cheese sandwich (3.5 Pts)
Kettle Baked chips (1.5 pts)
Pickle (0)


Thomas' Light Multi-Grain English Muffin w/ Smart Balance light (1.5 Pts)
Hard Boiled Egg (2 Pts)
Tomato, onion & spinach bruschetta ( 1 Pt)
Cantaloupe (1 Pt)
Coffee (.5 Pt)


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