Too Much of a Good Thing

So here I am confessing to you that yes I ate dessert twice today. I am not even someone who usually craves sweets (I'm more of a salty crunchy girl myself) yet I succumbed twice in one day. I could have left off the pictures and you never would have been the wiser but to what end? I do this daily food blog so you can see what it is like to eat at a maintenance level after losing weight. I hope it helps people understand that making good choices and eating a healthy balanced diet doesn't have to equal deprivation. And since we eat out a lot, I also want people to see that you can still do that without overdoing it.

That being said, I also want to be honest and let you see that at times I still fall short myself. This is real life. Eating gelato and cake in the same day was not necessarily a good choice on my part. But the thing that I find interesting is that my body knows better than my mind knew today. I don't feel very well right now. My stomach is a little upset. What I ate as a "treat" has not been received that way by my system. This is a really positive thing because it's an affirmation of all I have accomplished and of how far I've come. What never would have phased me in the past is now excessive. That is a really great place to be. Now please pass the TUMS!


My Everything bagel with Smart Balance Light & SF Marmalade
Fresh Fruit
Coffee with 1% milk

Soups and Stews by Lea, Orlando FL

Spanish Bean Soup
1/2 Roast pork and Swiss on pumpernickel
Small gelato

Kabbab House, Orlando FL

Mint Tea - unsweetened
Side Greek Salad
Saffron Rice
Lamb Shank Tagine with Moroccan Prunes
(I brought half this meal home)

Achilles Art Cafe, Orlando FL

Small non-fat latte
1/2 of the confetti cake you see below


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