I Love Tomatoes

I love tomatoes. I can eat them like an apple with just a little salt. Nothing makes me happier than a perfectly ripe, earthy, robust tomato. OK maybe other things make me happier but I do get a rush over a perfect tomato. And I really love them with eggs for breakfast. One of my new favorite preparations is to make a little bruschetta with tomatoes, scallions, fresh basil and a light vinaigrette and to serve it with a soft boiled egg on toasted hearty bread or an English muffin. Yum!

This dang cake was yelling at me from our freezer. I had to shut it up for good! :-D

Maple Glazed Cream Cheese Coffee Cake (5Pts)


Sesame encrusted ahi tuna - this time with wasabi, ginger and peanut sauce (4 Pts)
Garlic Brown Rice with quinoa (2Pts)
Asian Cabbage Slaw (2 Pts)
Cucumber Salad (0 Pts)


Lump crabcake on Arnold Select Multi-Grain round with Asian Slaw (6 Pts)
Cucumber salad with light blue cheese crumbles (1 Pt)

Soft boiled egg on Thomas's Light Multi Grain English muffin with smart balance light & a tomato and fresh basil bruschetta (4.5 Pts)
Cup fresh cubed watermelon (1 Pt)
Coffee with 1% milk


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