Some things are worth the price you pay

Went for a short jog this morning. It felt good to get back out but man was it ever hot! But if you want to play (see coffee cake dessert below) you must pay! And I'm here to tell you that this maple and cream cheese coffee cake is worth the cost. The pastrami sandwich I had at Jersey Mikes on the other hand would not be worth it. Next time I head back to Subway.


Still quieting down that coffee cake - who's yelling now sucka? (see yesterday's post for an explanation)


Toasted Onion Papparadelle with Parmesan & spinach cream sauce
Tossed salad
Roasted Garlic Bread

Jersey Mikes, Altamonte Springs FL

Mini Pastrami, swiss and sauerkraut on wheat roll with mustard
Baked Lays Potato chips
(not pictured) Starbucks Grande Light Coffee Frappuccino


(not pictured before run) Multi grain bread with cream cheese and orange marmalade
Go Lean Crunch with fresh strawberries and Activia light raspberry yogurt
Coffee with 1%milk


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