It's a Stretch

All this working with dough over the weekend got me motivated to start stretching myself. So today I finally made it back to the the yoga class at my gym. I have been intending to go back for months but have always managed to find a reason not to make it. Today I made it happen. I'm out of practice but very glad I now have yoga back in my routine. I've missed it. It was a good way to end my Monday. Hope you had a successful beginning to your week as well.


WW Giant Latte Bar (1 Pt)


2 Pork Tamales, light sour cream, guacamole (8 Pts)
Light Queso sauce (1/2 WW light whipped cream cheese & 1/2 cheddar) (3Pts)
Home made corn tortilla chips from 2 tortillas (1 Pt)
Cucumber salad (0 Pts)
Salsa (0 Pts)


BLT on Arnold select multi grain round (5 Pts)
Fresh watermelon (1 Pt)
Cucumber salad with blue cheese crumbles (1 Pt)


Homemade Mini Everything bagel with WW light whipped Cream Cheese and Sugar Free Orange Marmalade. (4 Pts)
Coffee with 1% milk (1 Pt)


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