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Today I made seared ahi tuna for the first time. First I marinated the tuna in a mixture of soy sauce, lime juice, sherry, freshly grated ginger, garlic, scallions, cilantro & peppercorns. After a 1/2 an hour I rinsed off the marinade, brushed the tuna lightly with olive oil and rolled it in sesame seeds. Then I seared it on a flat griddle. I served it with an asian cabbage slaw that had mandarin oranges, fresh pineapple, toasted sliced almonds and more sesame seeds mixed together with a rice wine vinaigrette. I also made a cucumber and onion salad. I intended to serve a little thai peanut sauce along with it but my bottle had gone bad in the cupboard. I also forgot to pick up some wasabi and pickled ginger both of which would have made this just about perfect. I was really pleased with the results nevertheless, especially for my first attempt.


Vita muffin Mint Chocolate muffin top (1 Pt)
1/2 cup Breyers slow chirned no sugar added vanilla ice cream (1 Pt)
Fat Free Redi Whip (0 Pts)


Sesame seed encrusted seared ahi tuna (3.5 Pts)
Asian Cabbage Slaw with toasted almonds (2 Pts)
Cucumber & Onion salad (0 Pts)


Leftover Beef Pho (4 Pts)


Barbara's Bakery Shredded Spoonfuls with blueberries & 1% milk (3 Pts)
Coffee with 1 % milk (1 Pt)


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