Wednesday May 27, 2009

Started my day off with a 3.1 mile run so I didn't feel too bad about a few splurges here & there.


Tortilla Flats, Longwood FL

Two "lite" shredded pork tacos (I ate the filling & left the shells). They use fat free cheese and sour cream on the lite versions. (6.5 Pts)
Handful of tortilla chips and salsa (3 Pts)
Diet Coke

Strollo's Cucina Due, Winter Park FL

Can't resist their baked goods! Marty and I shared this cupcake.

1/2 Pistachio cupcake with mascarpone icing - YUM! (3 Pts)

Strollo's Cucina Due, Winter Park FL

1/2 Turkey, cheddar, spinach, Pancetta on Multigrain (5.5 Pts)
Extra slice of bread with olive oil (3.5 Pts)
Salad, dressing on the side (.5 pts)
Unsweet Tea


Egg whites with bacon crumble and grated cheddar cheese (3.5 Pts)
Bagel with 37% smart balance, WW cream cheese, SF marmalade (4.5)
Fresh Fruit (.5 Pts)
Coffee with 1% milk (1 Pt)


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