Friday May 29, 2009

Graffiti Junktion, Orlando FL

A little more than 1/2 cheeseburger, onions, peppers, egg (15 Pts)
1/2 order of fries (5 pts)

I have a date with my running shoes tomorrow after this one!

Mid Afternoon Snack

Weight Watchers Key Lime Pie yogurt with Fat Free Redi-Whip (1 Pt)

Worked out this morning - having a hungry day - hoping this yogurt will help.


Marinated cucumber salad (0 Pts)
Turkey, bacon crumbles & cheddar on Arnold Multi-grain round (3 Pts)
Kettle Baked salt & pepper chips (.5 Pts)
Plain seltzer water (0 Pts)

I didn't eat many chips. I just love these Kettle Brand Baked chips but this is the first time I tried the salt and pepper variety. They are very heavy on the pepper, not so much on the salt and are my least favorite flavor thus far. I LOVE the BBQ, and the cheddar cheese, the regular and the salt & vinegar flavors. I didn't get to eat my olive either. When I picked it up it slipped out of my hand and landed on the patio floor. No five second rule out there - yikes!


Homemade Everything Bagel with Smart Balance Light (3.5)
Soft Boiled Egg (2 Pts)
Sliced Tomato (0 Pts)
Coffee with 1% milk (1 Pt)


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