Monday May 18, 2009

Diet Orange Cream soda float (2 Pts)

Cup of homemade egg drop soup with corn & peas (1 Pt)
Rest of the chicken fried rice I made the other day (8 Pts)

Leftovers from Pom Pom's Tea house and Sandwicheria, Orlando, FL

1/2 Fu Man Chu - Asian pulled pork, watercress, ginger cranberry chutney & goat cheese on pumpernickel bread (6 Pts)
Asian slaw (0 Pts)
.5 oz Kettle Baked Cheddar Cheese Chips (1 Pt)
Plain Seltzer water (0 Pts)

Mid Morning snack
(not pictured)

Weight Watchers Multigrain Crisps (2 Pts)


Soft Boiled egg (2 Pts)
Thomas' Light Multigrain English muffin (1 Pt)
Tbls Smart Balance 37% light spread (1Pt)
coffee with 1% milk (1 Pt)
Sliced Tomato (0 Pts)


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