Tuesday May 26, 2009


Homemade Coffee Ice Cream with fat free Redi-Wip (3 Pts)


Leftover Steamed garlic shrimp (.5 Pts)
1/2 cup Brown rice (3 Pts)
4 pot stickers w/ sauce (5 Pts)
Steamed garlic veggies (0 Pts)

Mid Afternoon Snack

Today is my double work out day so a snack to keep my energy up was in order

Arnold multi-grain bread (1 Pts)
Athenos Hummus (1 Pt)
Marinated artichoke heart (1 Pt)


Hot Dog on Whole Wheat bun w/ grilled onions & sauerkraut (4 Pts)
Kettle brand baked chips (1 Pt)
Cucmber & tomato salad (0 Pts)
Fresca (0 Pts)


I made home made everything bagels! The recipe I have is a two day process, so I started yesterday and finished them up today. They look a little funky because I think it will take a few tries until I get the dough just right, but the taste was great. It was really authentic - even if they didn't look authentic. Apparently I didn't make the holes large enough because they kind of closed up. Nevertheless, I liked that I could make these smaller, realistically portioned bagels (translated only 3 pts each) without compromising flavor or texture. These still have the chewiness and density and crustiness of a traditional NY bagel not the airy, blandness of the brand name lighter alternatives. In my assessment, they are totally worth the time and effort.

After all the work I put into them, I was so excited to finally taste one that I forgot to take a picture after I had cut it open and prepared it to eat. I was licking my fingers clean before I realized it. But I made 2 dozen of them so you'll see them quite a few times to come. Just know that they are gooood!!! Here's the link to the recipe in case you want to try to make them yourself. http://smittenkitchen.com/2007/09/bronx-worthy-bagels/

1 Everything bagel with light cream cheese & SF apricot preserves (4 Pts)
Coffee with 1 % milk (1 Pt)


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