Saturday May 16. 2009

Tony Roma's, Orlando FL

Went to dinner with my in-laws as our celebration of Marty's birthday continued. He has been craving the beef ribs from Tony Roma's ever since the location nearest to us closed almost two years ago. Tonight we made the trek to the next closest location so he could enjoy the ribs. I however have already joined in on one too many celebratory meals this weekend, so I opted for lighter fair. This is not the easiest thing to do at Tony Roma's - but when all was said and done, I managed pretty well.

Tossed side salad with Fat Free Italian Dressing (0 Pts)
Grilled Mahi Mahi with Pineapple Salsa (2.5 Pts) I ate half of the portion
Baked potato with sour cream & Chives (2.5 Pts) I ate half of this too
Roasted Garlic Green Beans (1 Pt) You guessed it - I ate half
Unsweet Tea with a Raspberry Splenda packet (0 Pts)


Pom Pom's Tea house & Sandwicheria, Orlando FL

This is one of our most favorite lunch spots ever so Marty had to have a sandwich from Pom Pom's on his birthday! They gave him a free cupcake and he shared it with me. He's a good guy.

1/2 Fu Man Chu Sandwich on Pumpernickle (6 Pts)
This sandwich has Asian style pulled pork, watercress, ginger cranberry chutney, red onions and goat cheese. It's amazing!
Asian Slaw (0 Pts)
1/2 Carrot Cake Cupcake with orange infused cream cheese icing (3 Pts)
Iced pumpkin Hibiscus Tea (0 Pts)


Egg White scramble with sweet red pepper, onion, tomato and sharp cheddar (3 Pts)
Rye Toast with 37% light Smart Balance and SF Apricot preserves (2 Pts)
Fresh fruit bowl (1 Pt)
Coffee with 1% milk (1 Pt)


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