Tuesday May 12, 2009


2 Bulgogi Bao (11 Pts)
Oriental Cabbage Slaw (2.5 Pts)

We went out for Korean Food over the weekend and we still had some leftover Bulgogi (Grilled marinated beef) so I decided to use it to make some Bao. If you are not familiar with Bao, it is a steamed stuffed bun common in Chinese cuisine. It's a really fun and easy way to reinvent your leftovers. Here's what I did:

My local Publix has fresh pizza dough in the deli area - usually both multigrain (my preference) and regular white Italian (which was all they had left when I was there today). If your market doesn't offer such a thing, I'm sure you could use the Pillsbury variety (from the cardboard tube thingie) or if you are so inclined, make your own.

For my Bao, I first sauteed some chopped onions, peppers & garlic until they were soft. Then I rolled out 2 oz portions of the dough into a circle. I placed some of the leftover meat (still cool from the fridge - no need to heat it first), a spoonful of the sauteed peppers & onions and a few pieces of marinated daikon radish (also leftover) in the the middle. Then you simply gather the dough up and around the pile of meat and twist and pinch it closed at the top. I made four Bao this way (2 for each of us) and placed them in my steamer basket. Steam them for about 5-8 minutes and then enjoy. I would recommend spraying your steamer with some oil before adding the Bao to keep them from sticking. I didn't and it was a little hard to get them out without them breaking open.

On the side I served a quick Cabbage and Carrot salad. I took a few handfuls of shredded cabbage and carrot sticks and placed them in a bowl. I chopped up one green onion and threw that in. Then I added one partially drained cup of mandarin oranges (the single serving size that comes in a sealed plastic cup). In a dry pan I toasted some sesame seeds (about 1 TBSP) and threw them into the mix. Finally I chopped up about 2 Tbsp of salted peanuts which I added after I had dressed the salad. For a dressing I used some rice wine vinegar, a little canola oil and splenda to make it sweet. Salt and pepper to taste.

Afternoon Snack

1/2 oz Food Should Taste Good MultiGrain Tortillia chips (1 Pt)
Weight Watchers String Cheese Stick (1 Pt)


Boston Market Leftovers

Chicken leg with skin removed (2 Pts)
New Dill Potatoes (1 Pt)
Steamed Mixed vegetables (0 Pts)
Corn Bread (2 Pts)
Weight Watchers Chocolate Chip Brownie trial size (1 Pt)


Fiber One Honey Oat Clusters with 1% milk & blueberries (4 Pts)
Coffee with 1% milk (1 Pt)

Tip: I buy a big bag of frozen blueberries and simply throw a handful into my cereal every morning (still frozen). They thaw out almost immediately once you add milk. I can't tell the difference between frozen and fresh. They are just as yummy and packed full of healthy anti-oxidants!


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