Hit or Miss

This weekend has been one of hits and misses. Today was no exception. We went back to the Maitland Farmers Market. The first time we went it was the holiday weekend and more than half the vendors were missing. This time a storm had just blown through and most of them had packed it up and left early. One of these days we'll actually experience the full market. The positive was that the pork BBQ from CK Jerk Shack at the market was just as wonderful as it had been the last time. The market itself was a miss but lunch was a hit.

For dinner I made a variation of Ethiopian Doro Wat. I added some sweet potatoes and pineapple to the mix and it was quite tasty. Since I didn't decide that I was going to make this until I was halfway into the preparation of the veggies I did not have Injera batter ready so I served the stew over Whole Wheat orzo with a light side salad. It was a hit.

For dessert I tried a new approach to my watermelon Boba drink. Instead of using evaporated milk sweetened with Splenda in the drink, I tried Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze Almond Breeze, Unsweetened, Vanilla, 32 oz. along with Splenda and a little fat free sugar free vanilla pudding mix. I liked this version even better. It was creamier and was even closer to the sweetened condensed milk versions we've gotten at Vietnamese restaurants. But I did something wrong this time when I prepared the Boba. I'm not sure if it was a function of boiling them for the wrong amount of time or because I prepared them earlier than I have been and put them in the fridge until I was ready to use them. Instead of being nice and chewy (like a gummy bear) they were starchy. So although the new drink recipe was a hit, the Boba themselves were a miss. I wound up not eating them so it was more like having a watermelon smoothie than a Boba drink.


Watermelon Boba - almost!


Chicken Doro Wat with sweet potatoes & pineapple
Whole Wheat Orzo
Tossed salad

Ck Jerk Shack, Maitland Farmers Market

Jamaican Prk BBQ
Coconut rice & beans


French Toast with blueberries & warm maple syrup
Cup of fresh fruit


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