Saturday Stumbles

We went out to grab a quick bite for lunch and to run some errands. I thought we had a solid plan until we pulled up to Salad Creations (our lunch destination) to find an empty store front. Ugh! I hate it when that happens. So we regrouped and decided to try a little Italian place nearby for a light antipasti salad. Strike two. They didn't have one on the lunch menu. They also were clueless. You know you're in trouble when the phrase you most hear coming from the server's mouth is "I'm so sorry". It's even worse when you discover that the challenged server is the owners wife! Anyway, I'll save the full review for another time (it will take some time). What I will say is that I ate half of what you see pictured below for my lunch. It's not what I ordered - but it's what I was served and at that point I just wanted to get the whole lunch debaucle over with. I suppose it's the price you pay for being adventuresome and trying a lot of different eateries. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose!


Leftover Pho
3 Potstickers

Il Paradiso, Altamonte Springs FL

Salad (not pictured)
Linguine with Italian sausage (I ate 1/2 of this)


Soft Boiled egg with dill
Rye toast with Smart Balance Light & SF strawberry preserves
Cup of fresh fruit


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