Home Sweet Home

I got home yesterday after a weeks vacation in CT. As much as I love to travel it is always great to come home and to sleep in your own bed. I also enjoy getting back into my own routine. It can be fun to take a break from the usual but I find that after a while the usual is exactly what I crave. The vacation indulgences behind me, it's time to refocus and so I have decided to track my food for a few weeks to help bring things back into balance quickly. I suppose Dorothy said it best. "There's no place like Home."


Viet Garden, Orlando FL

Beef Pho (9 Pts)


Honey Chicken Salad with Walnuts & dried fruit (6.5pts)
Wasa Multi Grain Crisp (1 Pt)
Sliced Tomatoes (0 Pts)
Cherries (.5 Pts)

snack (not pictured) WW peanut butter bliss bar (1 Pt)


Barbara's Bakery Shredded spoonfuls with 1% milk and blueberries (3 pts)
Coffee with 1% milk (1 Pt)


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