Just Not Feeling it This Week

This week has been more difficult than I imagined. I have struggled to stay motivated as I am teetering in between two vacations. I have just not been able to get myself back onto the swing of things for this interim period. So I am grateful we had leftovers as I was not inspired to cook for us myself, yet I am also tired of the leftovers. It's a sad catch 22. Now that the weekend approaches I am hoping I will recapture some motivation.


Endangered Species Dark Chocolate with Deep Forest Mint


Lamb chop & rosemary chicken wings with grilled onions
Cucumber salad

Red Lobster, Orlando FL

Cheddar Cheese biscuit
Salad with Red Wine vinaigrette on the side (not pictured)
Wood Fire Grilled rainbow trout, baked potato with sour cream & Broccoli


Last of my bagels with smart balance, cream cheese and SF marmalade
Coffee with 1% milk


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