Pho what if we eat a lot of Pho?

We continued our search tonight for the best Vietnamese Pho restaurant with dinner at Pho Saigon. This makes the fifth place we have tried and I think I would rank it third out of 4. Yes I can count it's just that one of the 5 has already closed. Too bad too because it was our favorite. Anyway, the broth at Pho Saigon had a nice depth to it but the meatballs had an odd almost medicinal after taste that I didn't care for at all. The brisket had a nice flavor. The service was not all that friendly. Frankly, they all seemed unhappy so the vibe in the place was a bit of a downer. With so many options for Pho in Orlando, this would not be one I would choose to visit again.

Our lunch was another story. Soups and Stews by Lea was terrific. Thanks to my friend Audrey for the recommendation. We got a combo for two where you share a panini or salad and then each get your choice of soup. We split a Turkey Trot panini which had turkey, pear, arugula and brie. It was lovely. But the star of the meal was the soup. We each had the sweet potato and mango soup. That may sound like an unusual pairing but it was divine. Marty said it was the best soup he ever had! We bought an extra quart to take home. They also serve gelato which has 1/2 the butter fat than regular ice cream so it's a nice "lighter" treat.

Finally we stopped by a bakery that was a block away from Soups & Stews to see if they might prove to be a source for that elusive jelly donut I have been seeking. Pickings were slim as it was later in the afternoon and there were no jelly's to be found. So we picked out two of what they had left and I had mine for dessert tonight. It was a nice sour cream glazed donut but nothing special. That quest continues.

Bakery Plus, Orlando FL

Sour Cream glazed donut


Pho Saigon, Orlando FL

Grilled pork spring roll
Beef Brisket & meatball Pho


Soups & Stews by Lea, Orlando FL

1/2 Turkey Panini with pear, arugula & brie
Taste of pasta salad
Cup of sweet potato & mango soup
Small gelato - 1/2 pistachio and 1/2 Cookies & cream


Go Lean Crunch with blueberries and 1% milk
Coffee with 1% milk


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