Back in the saddle again

Have you missed me? We were on vacation on Sanibel Island and I purposely disengaged myself from the computer for the duration. It was a wonderful respite. I did however take shots of many of my meals while we were away. So I will do a separate post with some of those highlights soon. Now I am back for a little more than a week before I leave again. This time I'll be traveling without Marty for a visit to CT *gulp* to attend my 30th HS reunion. So things will be routine for this week and then I really can't make promises. I am not sure how much computer time I will log while I am away. I may just do another vacation retrospective when I return. I will have to play that one by ear. In the meantime, it's back to the real world for this week. But honestly I wish we were still at the beach!


Lamb chops
Saffron whole wheat orzo


Sliced steak, tomato & Onion on rye
Cucumber salad


Barbara's Bakery Shredded Spoonfuls with blueberries & 1% milk
Coffee with 1 % milk


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