Number 59

Today we picked up our race packets for the Watermelon 5k we are doing this Saturday. This is my first time ever to be in any kind of a race so this was exciting for me. I have a number! In all my 47 years I have never been in any kind of athletic competition. I never played sports. I was never on a team. In fact I joke that the only test I ever cheated on in my life was the President's physical fitness test. So the fact that I have an official - you must pin this on the front of your shirt number - gets me a little choked up. Because it makes me feel like an athlete. I have a number. I am number 59.


Vanilla Orchid Tea
bear claw from Bula Donuts


leftover Bucatini Murano - (starring the understudy Parpadelle, see this past Saturday's post for the full story)

Johnson's Diner, Orlando FL

Smothered chicken
Macaroni & cheese, green beans, collard greens & cornbread

Homemade Everything bagel, Light Cream Cheese & SF marmalade
Cup of fresh fruit
Coffee with 1% milk


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