Latin flavors

Today we tried two new places - one for lunch and one for dessert. For lunch we went to Alex's cuban cafe. It's a small place in a nondescript strip mall but there is nothing small or nondescript about the food. I had the roast pork platter and the pork was tender and flavorful. The red beans and rice were also quite tasty and the sweet bite of maduros was a nice compliment to the marinated pork and the tang of the onions.

After we left the cafe we stopped at Pan Pan's Bakery which is a little Colombian bakery right around the corner. I have had a curiosity about Pan Pan's for a long time so we finally went in. The first thing we noticed was how wonderful it smelled, sweet and doughy and yeasty. YUM! The woman behind the counter was very patient and helped us navigate all the unfamiliar breads and pastries lining their cases. We chose three items to try. First an almojabana - which is a cheese ball. When we made that selection she turned from the case and opted to take one fresh off the rack behind the counter, still warm from the oven. We had hardly closed the door on the car before I split it in two so we could taste it. The outside was crusty while the inside was light and soft and almost spongey in its consistency. The cheese flavor was prominent and very enjoyable. The second item we chose was a donut like pastry that had a layer of custard cream in the middle. Marty and I split that one for dessert tonight. It was also quite good. The custard was light and creamy and the pastry was pleasant. It had substance without being leaden with a good balance of yeastiness and airiness. Our third pick was a cheese and guava filled sweet bread. I will let you know about that one as soon as we've tried it. For dinner I made my take on a pork schnitzel with potato pancakes. All in all it was quite an International food day!

From Pan Pan Colombian Bakery, Longwood FL

1/2 custard filled donut (3 Pts)
Glass of 1% milk (1 Pt)


Breaded Pork Cutlet with onion & mushroom gravy (8 Pts)
Potato Pancakes (3.5 Pts)
Light Sour Cream and No Sugar added applesauce (1.5 Pts)
Beets (1 Pt)

After Lunch
Pan Pan Columbian Bakery, Longwood FL

1/2 Almojabana (cheese ball) (2.5 Pts)

Alex's Cuban Cafe, Longwood FL

(I ate half of what is pictured below)
Roast pork with yellow rice and beans (6.5 pts)
Maduros (.5 Pt)
Bite of Bread (1 Pt)


Kashi Heart to Heart Cereal with 1% milk and blueberries (3 Pts)
Coffee with 1% milk (1 Pt)


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