So we flew into Vancouver yesterday and I'll admit that spending the entire day in airports and a cumulative 8 hours on planes doesn't make for the healthiest of meal plans. Let's just call it a wash. Today has been a bit odd as well since I woke up at 6AM. If you know me and how much I am not a morning person you will appreciate how the change in time zones is a contributing factor in this phenomenon. So we wound up eating a mini breakfast before we met up with our friends a few hours later for the real thing.

Breakfast #1 was a wonderful banana/cranberry scone that Marty and I shared over a cup of early morning coffee. My actual breakfast was a smoked salmon eggs Benedict (sauce on the side) Greek potatoes and a wonderful fresh fruit salad that included a fruit I have never had before - Dragon Fruit. The flesh looked like a white kiwi and it was similar in taste but the actual fruit bares no resemblance to a kiwi.

Lunch was a quick bowl of Pho and as I type this we are still unsure as to whether or not we will eat anything more. A late afternoon visit to Starbucks for a nonfat latte took the edge off. So we'll see.

As my vacation begins I look forward to enjoying some wonderful food and being able to share my experiences with you though I'm not sure how often I will be able to post once we get on the ship. In addition, going from my Mac at home to this tiny netbook is particularly frustrating. Yes, I am spoiled now. So I think I will wind up doing most of my vacation posts upon my return. Besides, this is a vacation after all.

Breakfast (#1)

Caffe Express

Half Banana & Cranberry Scone
Coffee with 1% milk

Breakfast (#2)

Scoozi's Mediterranean Restaurant

Dragon Fruit (small speckles are cinnamon)

Salmon Eggs Benedict (sauce on the side)
Fresh fruit


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