There's Something Fishy Going on Here!

Marty ate the rest of the strip steak tonight so I had some salmon. I made a topping of Panko, chopped walnuts, chopped fresh dill, chives and a little melted smart balance. I cooked it on the stove top in a pan with a little olive oil first topping side down and then I flipped it. I don't cook fish very often since Marty doesn't eat it so I'll admit that it intimidates me a little (seems this has been the week for me to face down some of my kitchen fears). I was really pleased with the results. The topping got nice and crunchy and the fish stayed moist.


Thomas' Light English Muffin with Light Smart Balance & SF Peach Preserves
Grape Tomatoes
Scrambled Egg with Dill & Chives


Peach Valley, Lake Mary FL

Corned Beef Reuben (no dressing)
Sliced Tomato
Cole Slaw
Kosher Pickle


Panko & Walnut Encrusted Salmon
Garlic Peas
Baked Potato with Light Sour Cream, Bacon Crumbles and Chives


Markypaul Braga said…
Gosh, your blog is delicious! Congrats!

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